Join us on our exciting journey bringing AI and machine learning into the industrial day-to-day business

München, 1. Juni 2022 – Vielen Firmen der produzierenden Industrie ist das Potenzial künstlicher Intelligenz noch nicht bewusst. PerfectPattern bietet jetzt ein umfangreiches kostenloses “get-to-know“-Package. In dessen Rahmen nehmen sich die Industrie-KI-Experten des Unternehmens einer konkreten Fragestellung an. Sie verwenden dazu die von PerfectPattern entwickelte KI Technologie aivis, die bereits in der Papier-, Stahl- und Druckindustrie erfolgreich im Einsatz ist.
Munich (Germany), 1 June 2022 – Many companies in the manufacturing industry are not yet aware of the potential of artificial intelligence. PerfectPattern now offers a comprehensive free “get-to-know“ package. In this package, PerfectPattern's industrial AI experts take on a specific problem posed by the participating company. For this purpose, they use the AI technology aivis developed by PerfectPattern, which is already being used successfully in the paper, steel, and printing industries.
An image that symbolizes the use of modern AI tools in the manufacturing industry - keywords Smart Manufacturing and Industrie 4.0
Artificial intelligence, AI, is regarded as an innovation driver for the optimization of production processes in various industries. It is widely assumed that AI enables manufacturers to increase production safety, productivity, and product quality – and it´s paving the way towards smart production. The big question, however, is how real added value can be generated through the use of AI and how to gather the required data. Here is an overview tailored to the needs of process engineers. In addition, you can book a free training session with our KI experts.
Munich, May 3, 2022 – PerfectPattern, specializing in AI applications for the manufacturing industry, has received investment capital from the auditing and consulting firm PwC Germany through its investment company PwC Holdings Germany GmbH. With its AI technology and AutoML solution aivis, PerfectPattern offers manufacturing companies the opportunity to make their processes more efficient and secure for the first time without data science know-how.
Munich (Germany), 20 April 2022 – Change at the top of PerfectPattern, the specialists for AI solutions tailored especially to the manufacturing industry: Since April, Asdrúbal Pichardo serves as new CEO of the Munich-based company. Pichardo comes from FactoryPal, provider of an AI-based SaaS solution to enhance manufacturing efficiency. He succeeds Fabian Rüchardt, who remains affiliated with PerfectPattern in an advisory capacity. The aivis AI technology developed by PerfectPattern is already being used successfully in the paper and steel industries, among others.
The image shows a production process which could be optimized with tools for explainable AI such as aivis by PerfectPattern.
It has already been proven many times: In production environments across a wide range of industries, artificial intelligence can help prevent process disruptions. Among other things, this increases productivity and efficiency, reduces waste, and saves carbon – enough reasons to take a closer look at AI in industrial production.
Bislang war es doch so: Wenn Produktionsexperten in der Industrie ihre Prozesse mithilfe von KI-Technologien optimieren wollten, mussten sie dazu Datenwissenschaftler ins Boot holen. Schließlich muss bei jeder datengetriebenen Fragestellung der Bogen vom Produktions-Know-how hin zu KI und Datenwissenschaft geschlagen werden.
We designed aivis for process engineers, who need to analyze the operational data from their production processes to gain the insights they need for improvement. They are process experts and have basic knowledge of data-driven production optimization, but usually, they are not data science experts.
Munich (Germany), 30 June 2021 – The AI experts at PerfectPattern introduce the aivis Insights App, which is free to use in its basic version. With this app, engineers, production experts and data scientists in the industry can use the AI technology aivis developed by PerfectPattern to gain insights into their production processes. All it takes is a few mouse clicks – data science knowledge is not necessary.
Munich (Germany), 18 March 2021 – PerfectPattern, specialist for AI applications especially in the manufacturing industry, introduces the AI technology and AutoML solution aivis. The industry-focused AI uses revolutionary mathematical ideas and concepts for automated data analysis and model creation.