Create insights from operations data

Use the intuitive web UI to upload your csv data and create actionable insight reports providing explainable results, that trigger “aha” moments and enable immediate efficiency improvements.

The aivis Insights app offers a quick, simple and free way to start working with aivis. With a focus on intuitiveness and simplicity, it is continuously expanded to include more and more aivis goals and functionalities.

Fast and simple

  • Simply import all your historical process data as CSV – raw, unfiltered, uncleaned, and unsynchronized
  • Use an intuitive wizard to get to the bottom of questions like Why does this happen? What is happening? or How can this be prevented?
  • Let aivis Insights analyse your data entirely on its own and create explainable reports which help you to improve your processes

Available aivis Use Cases

quality Assurance – error detection – root cause indicators – WASTE reduction

The number of use cases available in the aivis Insights app is continuously expanded.

Find signal dependencies

Goal: Analyze

Datatype: Time-series

Find out how well one or more signals can be live predicted from the other signals within your data.

Find influencing factors

Goal: Analyze

Datatype: Tabular

Find out how well one or more properties can be predicted from the other properties within your data.

Soon available

Anomaly detection

Goal: Analyze

Datatype: Any

Let aivis learn about the usual behavior of certain processes or components and warn about deviations.

Understand disruptions

Goal: Analyze

Datatype: Time-series & tabular

Find and understand critical dynamics leading to disruptive events in your processes.

Distinguish by KPI

Goal: Analyze

Datatype: Tabular

Identify properties, which distinguish pieces with a usual KPI value from those with an unusual KPI.

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