Why Process Engineers use aivis

Industrial data-driven challenges are demanding: Thousands of signals, terabytes of operations data, and highly dynamic processes meet the highest requirements in quality, reliability, and safety.

As a process engineer, you are responsible for ensuring a smooth and efficient production process. A decisive factor in this is operational data, which is full of information helping you identify errors, prevent disruptions, counteract negative trends and further optimize processes. But getting this information out of the data is challenging, especially if your access to data science is limited.

So, how about an AI tool that extracts the information for you? A powerful AutoML technology that does most of the work for you and requires no science expertise? An AI tool that improves your process understanding and enables you to focus on the right questions instead of how to answer them?

aivis does all of that and more: Its powerful AutoML technology core copes extraordinarily well with terabytes of operations data, including thousands of signals, while focussing on simplicity and automation: Just import your data and define your goal, everything else the AI does for you: Finding critical relations and hidden patterns, investigating response times, creating models, and much more.

aivis provides you with either a report or a model accompanied by a report, making all results highly explainable and actionable. In detail, they set out which influencing factors and relationships are of crucial importance. This way, aivis not only supports you at monitoring critical components, preventing disruptions, and predicting process parameters; it helps you to unveil unknown relations and increases your process understanding.