sPrint One Integration

sPrint One is a web service. It communicates based on a well documented API via XML. Additional to its direct/independent back-end application there is a increasing amount of applications that invoke sPrint One.

sPrint One Web Service

Using sPrint One web service directly via the API offers the experienced user a lot of flexibility. It grants access to the full scope of features provided by sPrint One. This level of automation is especially preferable in case you're planning to adapt your whole system to the sPrint One features, which includes embedding its GUI, the sPrint One Cockpit in your system.

sPrint One Cockpit

sPrint One Cockpit is a browser application. Within your own Cockpit account you can immediately define and manage printing machines, papers and print jobs. In the “planning screen” you trigger the optimization based on your provided data, and immediately get the automatically generated optimal printing plan conveniently visualized in a time table. sPrint One is easily and quickly integrated and intuitively offers access to the features of sPrint One.


The Hamburg based software provider impressed developed a package of several sPrint One Moduls for Enfocus Switch to control sPrint One from Switch. This allows for flexible application of sPrint One within the Switch workflow. Find more information here.

Printplus DRUCK Integration

The software provider Printplus with headquarters in Switzerland integrated sPrint One into its solution Printplus DRUCK. Here sPrint One is already used to automatically compute gang forms making strong use of “cross order picking”. Find more information at the website of Printplus.