Demo or Testing?

Are you interested in trying out sPrint One? Then you are at the right place. Your first option is a sPrint One demo account. It's free and it gives you limited access to sPrint One Cockpit and the sPrint One API for 1 month. If you prefer testing sPrint One based on your own data, than we recommend a test account which grants access to the full Cockpit and API.

 Demo AccountTest Account
Duration (months)11-3
Customizable setup data
Support1 hour
(webinar inclusive)
(low priority)
Tools (e.g. CSV import)
Printjobs11.000 per month
100 per calculation
4.000 per month
500 per calculation
Unlimited computing power
Printing presses2 standard devices
no limit
Costs1.month EUR 400
2.month EUR 1000
3.month EUR 1000

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