sPrint One - Ganging and print planning

Ganging and print planning are no longer separated. sPrint One was developed to fully automate your ganging and print planning in offset and digital printing.

sPrint One does ganging, sheet optimization and print planning at once. At the press of a button it computes print- and gang forms for all ready to press print products as part of a cost optimized printing plan. The optimization process considers all due dates and all available printing capacities, machine setup times/cost and material cost.

sPrint One suggests, when and how print jobs are produced on which device. Highest priority is always to meet the required due-dates, second priority is cost minimization over the entire order pool.

(sPrint One is optimized and packaged with Excelsior JET)


Production conditions and the current pool of print jobs are dynamic. Both change constantly. Therefore a good print planning process also has to be dynamic. sPrint One renders rigid block planning obsolete:

sPrint One computes complete planning tables for the jobs to be produced - literally - at the press of a button, ganging included. For any change of conditions, such as changed job-pool or changes in printing device availability, the planning table can be re-computed within seconds. Also all gang forms and print fors are updated.

With each planning run all print ready jobs are planned and placed on print-/ gang forms. One by one, the user (planner) reviews and approves each print-/gang form to send it off to production. All print jobs which are on un-approved print-/gang forms will be re-planned with the next planning run. That way sPrint One offers the flexibility of dynamic planning which impacts not only efficiency, but also the quality of work.

sPrint One contains a proprietary optimization engine, which is capable of mathematical optimization, simultaneous for a large number of dimensions. In contrast to a preliminary calculation as done e.g. by an MIS, which always just refers to one single job at a time, sPrint One performs a production calculation referring to all jobs simultaneously. This includes many single and separate cost elements, which are often conflicting with each other, in particular paper costs and machine setup costs. It calculates a printing plan that minimizes overall production costs.

Of course, as an efficient instrument for minimizing production costs, it self-reliantly suggests gang forms.

Successful print companies deploy automation. The higher the level of automation, the lower the cost for manual interactions and corrective actions will be. sPrint One enables a fully automated print planning for every production. With the push of a button sPrint One computes print- and gang forms for the entire job pool of print ready orders, including the scheduling under consideration of priorities and individual job due times. Without any manual pre-sorting, sPrint One turns any number and any complexity of print ready jobs into a print production plan, that is tailored towards your specific print production equipment.


  • Print PlanningFully automated computing of the complete printing plan with consideration of all print job due dates
  • Cost MinimizationMinimize production costs by multidimensional mathematical optimization based on powerful algorithms
  • AutomationManual interaction rarely needed
  • OptimizingDue Dates Optimization balances priorities and due dates
  • GangingGanging of print jobs and building gang forms which optimally utilize the available printing devices
  • Dynamic Planning UpdatesInstant re-calculation of the printing plan when changes happen such as new urgent jobs, machine problems, ...
  • Pool OptimizationEven big and complex job pools are processed easily and quickly - no need for manual pre-grouping of jobs
  • Real-time CalculationVery fast calculations support real-time adaptation of the printing plan and allow last minute changes
  • Transparency of CostsExact production costs provided with printing

Integrate it exactly as you need to

sPrint One is a very flexible product that can be used in many ways and be integrated in a broad spectrum of systems and solutions. On the one hand sPrint One is provided as a web service which can be communicated with via the well documented sPrint One api. This way, advanced programmers are able to integrate sPrint One in a software environment as a back end service. On the other hand sPrint One can be used via the sPrint One Cockpit, which is a browser application. This application not only gives a good review of the possibilities of sPrint One but also provides a quick start in using sPrint One.

sPrint One Cockpit

The sPrint One Cockpit provides a quick an simple access to the world of sPrint One. Get a free demo account and you are provided with your own workspace including predefined printing presses and papers. Right after logging in you can start to create your own printing jobs and let sPrint One calculate your first printing plan.