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sPrint One EasyApps

Easy ganging for offset and digital

sPrint One EasyApps

The sPrint One EasyApps are your first step towards automating your print planning. With EasyApps, you can quickly and easily save hours and hours of valuable working time that you previously had to spend on manual print planning - time that you can now use for much more value-adding activities.

The Easy-Workflow at a glance

The sPrint One EasyApps give you a convincing result in three simple steps.

  1. First, you enter your master data - usually no more than about five values.
  2. In the second step, you use the simple CSV Assistant to determine what your own CSV format looks like with which you import your print orders into EasyApps (CSV format you get e.g. from Microsoft Excel).
  3. In the third step, you specify which criteria you want to use to evaluate the result - paper costs, production time or plate consumption and more.

Now you can start the calculation. The result, your finished print planning, can be transferred to the standard workflow systems via various JDF export formats.

Four reasons for EasyApps

Proven technology

The EasyApps are based on the same powerful algorithms as sPrint One - probably the world's most advanced solution for dynamic print and capacity planning.

The sPrint One EasyApps focus on optimizing sheet layouts and offer a selection of the functions of sPrint One. They are very easy to use, offer high flexibility and deliver optimal results in just a few clicks.

Wide application range

A selection of apps is currently available for various production scenarios in web and sheet-fed digital printing (large-format printing) and sheet-fed offset printing.

The sPrint One EasyApp portal describes the various apps and their applications in detail.

Optimal result

In a detailed report, the EasyApps provide information on material requirements and which sheet sizes need to be cut. They also show the sheet layouts for the entire job pool and show the total costs for material and printing.

The result of each calculation is a JDF file with all the necessary information that can be transferred to the familiar workflow systems (Prinergy, Apogee, Fuji, KIM and others).

High savings

The use of sPrint One EasyApps leads to remarkable savings by optimizing the printing forms. The apps calculate the optimal layouts of the print forms in seconds for entire job pools.

Thanks to the EasyApps, print shops can significantly reduce make ready times and production times, maximize press utilization, and reduce paper and plate consumption.

The sPrint One EasyApps thus enable a decisive reduction in production costs and contribute to the competitiveness of print shops.

Getting started

sPrint One EasyApps are under construction at the moment!
Only existing customers are able to continue using EasyApps at this moment. Please stay tuned.

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