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sPrint One

Dynamic print planning for offset and digital

...handles your print planning in offset and digital printing.

Taking into account your machine and paper costs, it plans your complete pool of print orders at the push of a button. In a single step, it not only calculates the print sheet layouts, but also a complete print plan that makes optimum use of the available machine capacities.

The key priority of sPrint One is to meet deadlines and reduce production costs by minimizing paper and plate consumption and machine times, for example. sPrint One uses existing optimization potential to significantly reduce your production costs.

Every printer knows...

The print planning for the next day was completed in a time-consuming task, but suddenly the specifications change and everything has to be rescheduled. Production conditions are dynamic, they change constantly – this is a day-to-day reality in printing companies.

Another daily feature of printing businesses is that after printing it becomes clear that two jobs with the same specifications could have been produced more cost-efficiently if they had been ganged.

In today's print production, conventional print planning simply hits its limits – it cannot provide the required dynamics.

Simply hand over your print planning to sPrint One!

Within seconds, sPrint One calculates a complete and cost-optimized print plan from a pool of unsorted print orders. It uses your actual production and paper costs to find the most cost-efficient production method.

The print plan includes both the layouts of the print and gang forms, as well as the scheduling of the forms on the most economical machine (disposition). The primary objective of the calculation is to meet the production deadlines for each job, followed by minimizing production costs and materials consumption.

Four reasons for sPrint One

Dynamic Print Planning

With sPrint One, you can plan dynamically – rigid block-based planning is now gone. Within seconds, sPrint One creates a complete print plan based on the current production requirements. And as soon as the initial production conditions change (press failure, incoming urgent orders, etc.), sPrint One fully adapts the unprocessed print schedule in line with the new conditions – in seconds, at the push of a button. This means, for example, that urgent new orders can easily be included in the next planning run according to their priority.

Cost Mitigation

Benefit from the sophisticated algorithms behind sPrint One that minimize your production costs. sPrint One mathematically weighs all the costs involved in production – in particular setup and paper costs – against each other and calculates a print schedule that minimizes the total costs of print production. Where appropriate, sPrint One uses gang forms as an effective means of saving costs.

Pool Optimization

Just merge all ready to print orders into a pool, define the costs of your production and sPrint One does the rest. No preselection necessary. sPrint One decides on its own based on your costs and available capacities, if ganging makes sense and which press fits best to each form. Also, with sPrint One bottlenecks can be identified long before they arise.


Successful printers are automated. The higher the automation, the lower the costs for manual interventions and failure correction. Especially small and mid-sized printers can't develop standard flows for standard products since the number of equal orders is too small. But sPrint One is a solution that looks for all possible combinations to achieve the best possible production for every situation.

sPrint One Cockpit

sPrint One Console is the browser based user interface of sPrint One. Its intuitive and clear surface lets you retrace every step of your print planning.


Features of sPrint One

Planning horizon

For very large production pools compute time can be shortened by limiting the automated plan generation to a meaningful timeframe (e.g. the next 8 hours). To do so, sPrint One searches through the whole order pool for the more urgent jobs, and then starts to compute the print plan. The SW will stop when the defined planning horizon (here 8 hrs) is reached.

Due date threshold

The due date threshold is designed especially for smaller pools. You use it to define a time interval (e.g. 3 hours) so that only orders that must be finished by the end of this interval are taken into account when calculating the planning. All other orders are only taken into account if they still fit well on one of the already existing forms.


Especially offset presses can be used in many different ways. They do not only work and back, but also perfecting, work and turn and work and tumble. sPrint One knows your press and can therefore select the most suitable workstyle. Of course, you can manually limit unwanted workstyles at any time.

Savings through sPrint One

Benchmarks at various printing companies show the considerable savings potential that operators were able to realize with sPrint One:

Small print shop

Orders: 205 print products (one week)

Printed matter: Stationary

  before sPrint One Benefits
Paper consumption 21.456 sqm 19.725 sqm 8.07%
Printing plates 120 65 45.83%
Overall costs     24.82%
Capacity gain 28 h 16 h 42,32 %

Medium-sized print shop

Orders: 440 print products (one week)

Printed matter: CD/DVD covers and inserts

  before sPrint One Benefits
Paper consumption 47.124 sqm 46.776 sqm 0.8%
Printing plates 368 223 39.3%
Overall costs     17.6%
Capacity gain 50 h 31 h 37,5 %

How to license sPrint One

License sPrint One exclusively through one of our partners.

Under the name Dynamic Print Planning Kodak offers sPrint One to its customers via the Prinergy Cloud. Prinergy users benefit from seamless integration of sPrint One into their existing Kodak workflow.

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OctoBoost offers a high tech digital solution: Intuitive E-commerce portals connected to a powerful Print Efficiency module, where sPrint One dynamically schedules print jobs and optimises costs. Our smart dashboards reveal insightful metrics.

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The Swiss-based Printplus AG offers an integration of sPrint One with its MIS system Printplus. Printplus customers can activate the functionality of sPrint One. By clicking on the magic wand icon, they can trigger sPrint One to create gang forms.

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The Hamburg-based integration service provider Impressed can look back on years of experience with sPrint One and its integration with a wide variety of systems. The team has specialized in maximizing the potential of sPrint One by cleverly combining it with Switch-based workflows or Node.js components.

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