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PerfectPattern History

The roots (2011)

Inspired by the family owned commercial print business, Robert Meissner develops the idea to optimize processes and efficiencies in large print companies. At the time he studies physics at thr Ludwig Maximilian University on Munich (LMU).

Together with his friend, Simon Lentner, who – at that time - studies mathematics at the same university, they develop the initial concepts for “dynamic print planning in combination with automated ganging”. Prof. Dr. Martin Schottenloher, Ph.D. supervisor of Simon Lentner guides them to turn the idea to a business plan and also to acquire grants (EXIST-Program) for funding the company.

Founding (2012)

PerfectPattern GmbH is founded as a technology and software company in Munich. The company's purpose is defined as: “Automation and optimization of complex industrial planning demands by use of revolutionary mathematical approaches – in printing and other markets”.

Martin Schottenloher and Robert Meissner become managing directors. Lukas Lentner joins the team as the software expert. Initial talks with printing companies result in great interest for such a solution. Additional grants can be acquired from EXIST and Flügge.

Reset (2013)

After the very successfull completion of his Ph.D. thesis, Dr. Simon Lentner decides to build his career in research. With his departure, Dr. Christian Paleani (Ph.D. in theoretical physics – elementary particle physics and string theory) takes over the technology development. Christian changes the mathematical approach towards a revolutionary application of artificial intelligence (AI). This new approach also resolves a 60 years old mathematical problem, the Cutting Stock Problem with Pattern Minimization.

Pilot application (2014)

Based on the technology platform, the first product “sPrint One” is born. Pilot tests with customers prove successful and lead to a strategic partnership with PrintPlus AG, a leading Swiss based supplier of MIS systems for print and publishing companies. PerfectPattern grows to 7 employees.

Market introduction (2015)

Public introduction of sPrint One and first commercial deployment by customers. Fabian Ruechardt joins PerfectPattern as Business Development Manager. The team grows to 9 employees. A sales/representative agreement is signed with Impressed GmbH.


Successful presentation of sPrint One on DRUPA, the worldwide most important print exhibition. Start of KAYROS development, a mathematical optimization product for generic production processes. Fabian Ruechardt becomes managing director. A strategic cooperation with Kodak is signed.


Prof. Dr. Martin Schottenloher changes into the company board. Kodak integrates sPrint One into the Prinergy Cloud under the name “Dynamic Print Planning” with the motto “Print More. Spend Less.”. A strategic cooperation with the paper producing company Sappi is signed. The team grows to 14 members.


With Pythia the development of a technology was started, which addresses applications also beyond the graphic industry. In addition, Voith has become an important strategic partner. The team grows to 17 members.

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