About us

PerfectPattern GmbH was founded as technology and SW company in 2012 in Munich. We develop and sell software products for fully automated and multidimensionally optimized production- and process planning in the print industry. Our software products are based on our truly new and unique mathematical technology platform.

PerfectPattern has its roots in the printing industry; but most colleagues in our company are Physicists, Mathematicians and IT Engineers. This anomality is one of our greatest strengths – it enables us to view the industry’s challenges and look for solutions from a different, a new point of view. In close contact to our customers and partners we bring our mathematical know how to the very specific problems of the industry. This way we develop software products, that uniquely drive the digital transformation in the print industry.

The core of our technology are extremely performant and fast algorithms, we developed over years of mathematical research. By simultaneously optimizing many, often conflicting, optimization parameters such as ‘saving time’, ‘minimum cost’, ‘equipment utilization’, and more, our technology acts as an automatic management system that reliably implements the defined planning targets. If you look at the MIS system of a printing company as the backbone; the printing devices would be the arms and legs, PerfectPattern’s sPrint One SW would be the brain which controls the processes.

Currently PerfectPattern’s main product is sPrint One, which is focused on the Graphical Industry (print). Outside print we have one product (Ciphos), serving the Converting Industry. Both products are central control tools in factory workflow planning: In real-time they access data from order-book, logistics and production equipment and build from that, in near real-time, an overall production plan that features a smart factory.


Rüchardt Fabian
Fabian Rüchardt
Managing Director
Business Development
Meissner Robert
Robert Meißner
Managing Director
Product Management
Lentner Lukas
Lukas Lentner
Head of Software & IT
Paleani Christian
Dr. Christian Paleani
Head of Technology & Research


Great credit to our strength contributes to our partners. They bring our technology and products to deployment at our customers. With their existing software products and their integration know-how they enable that these combines and complete solutions can evolve their full potential.