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Bernd Hartmann joined AI solution provider PerfectPattern as Chief Sales Officer
Munich, July 14, 2022 - Bernd Hartmann joined PerfectPattern on July 1 in the newly created position of Chief Sales Officer. Hartmann comes from birkle IT, a pan-European IT consulting and software development company. He has many years of experience in solution-oriented business in the areas of IT, IoT and AI. At PerfectPattern, he will drive sales of vertical solutions. With aivis for the optimization of industrial processes and Kayros for dynamic production planning, the company offers innovative AI solutions for the manufacturing industry.
Munich (Germany), 1 June 2022 – Many companies in the manufacturing industry are not yet aware of the potential of artificial intelligence. PerfectPattern now offers a comprehensive free “get-to-know“ package. In this package, PerfectPattern's industrial AI experts take on a specific problem posed by the participating company. For this purpose, they use the AI technology aivis developed by PerfectPattern, which is already being used successfully in the paper, steel, and printing industries.


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An image that symbolizes the use of modern AI tools in the manufacturing industry - keywords Smart Manufacturing and Industrie 4.0
Artificial intelligence, AI, is regarded as an innovation driver for the optimization of production processes in various industries. It is widely assumed that AI enables manufacturers to increase production safety, productivity, and product quality – and it´s paving the way towards smart production. The big question, however, is how real added value can be generated through the use of AI and how to gather the required data. Here is an overview tailored to the needs of process engineers. In addition, you can book a free training session with our KI experts.
The image shows a production process which could be optimized with tools for explainable AI such as aivis by PerfectPattern.
It has already been proven many times: In production environments across a wide range of industries, artificial intelligence can help prevent process disruptions. Among other things, this increases productivity and efficiency, reduces waste, and saves carbon – enough reasons to take a closer look at AI in industrial production.
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