Planning of Printing
Products for the printing industry

  • sPrint One was developed to fully automate your print planning. At the press of a button it computes print- and gang forms for all print jobs. Its result is a cost optimized set of print- and gang forms combined in a printing plan which minimizes overall production costs. More Informationen ...

  • sPrint Fill is a small and specialized solution for printing orders which contain many variants. Given the printing form layout, sPrint Fill calculates how many printing forms are needed and how the variants have to be arranged regarding their ordered quantities to minimize overall costs.

  • sPrint LFP is a solution specialiced for Large Format Printing. It calculates gang forms for roll or sheet-based printing. It reduces the raw materials needed fort he production by optimized usage of the print substrate. It not only saves money but also time.

Cut Planning for Slitter Winders
Products for the converting industry

  • Ciphos is a sophisticated and higly effective solution for fully automated and cost minimizing production planning in the converting industry. In Ciphos any roll cutter can be defined including ist specific requirements with a very high richness of details. More information will follow shortly.

Generic Production Planning
Solutions for dynamical planning

  • Kayros is a solution for the fully automated and sequence optimized planning of any production processes including all dependencies. Calculating incredibly fast and offering very high quality results Kayros was created to autonomously control a Smart Factory. More information will follow shortly.