June 17, 2016

PerfectPattern and Kodak Entering Into Strategic Partnership

PerfectPattern and Kodak have entered into a strategic partnership. Their collaboration aims to integrate PerfectPatterns technology into the Kodak Prinergy Workflow to provide Kodak's customers with an even feature-richer workflow solution.

"With Kodak, we have found a strong and reliable partner for a long-term relationship which will expand the impact of our powerful technology on a global scale. In addition Kodak is enabled to provide it`s customers with an even better and more comprehensive workflow solution, which further increases efficiency and productivity", said Robert Meißner, Managing Director of PerfectPattern.

The first step on the roadmap is the integration of the ganging functionality of sPrint One into Prinergy. sPrint One is PerfectPattern`s cloud-based solution for automated print planning, which not only combines single printing jobs into gang forms, but at the same time also creates an entire cost minimizing print plan which respects the capacities of the available printing presses and the job due-dates.

Except for the gang forms as a result, the Prinergy users won`t notice Prinergy`s backend communication with the sPrint One Web Service, because they don`t have to leave their familiar Prinergy User Interface.

A first prototype of Prinergy`s new ganging functionality could be inspected as part of a technology demonstration at Kodak`s booth at this year`s Drupa. Numerous fair visitors took the chance to get a demonstration of the future functionality [see also the Kodak press announcement].