June 14, 2016

Drupa was Huge Success

After eleven days, Drupa is over now. PerfectPattern was represented at two booths, in Innovation Park and at the booth of Printplus in hall 9. Now it's time for a look back and a first analysis.

"Of course, continuously maintaining two booths with four people is a big challenge for a small company as PerfectPattern and it has consumed many resources. But it was worth it. Multiple top-class German-speaking, but also international contacts were established offering great business potentials.

Many fair visitors were fascinated by the possibilities offered especially by the new digital printing solutions. But on the other side they also saw the great potential of automation and optimization according to the concepts of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory - because what is your benefit from a powerful printing press, if you can`t unlock it`s potential within your workflows?

In many cases, the new AUTOsPrint solution has hit the bull’s eye, offering nothing less than a complete and fully automated piloting of the single print jobs through the whole press and post press production - whether offset or digital.

A great feedback by the visitors was also received at the Printplus booth, where the daily presentations about automated scheduling and ganging were well attended during the whole trade fair. In conclusion, we as PerfectPattern made the experience, that most of the visitors of Drupa had a great expertise and a high level of decision-making authority", commented Robert Meißner, Managing Director of PerfectPattern.