About us

PerfectPattern GmbH was founded 2012 as technology and software company. The company is located in Munich (Germany). It offers software products and software solutions for fully automated and multidimensional optimized production- and process planning in industrial and business applications, based on a disruptive, new technology.

PerfectPattern‘s technology builds on extremely powerful and fast algorithms, which were developed over several years of mathematical research. The simultaneous mathematical optimization of in part conflicting optimization goals e.g. saving cost, saving time, capacity utilization, ... acts as an automated management system, that ensures achievement of pre-defined parameters.

The current solutions serve the Graphical Industry and the Converting Industry. The products are sPrint One, sPrint Fill, sPrint Flat and Ciphos. These products and the underlying platform technology are critical parts of a central control that manages a Smart Factory: Real-time combining data from production, logistics and order management into the overall dynamic factory planning.


  • Rüchardt Fabian
    Fabian Rüchardt
    Managing Director
    Business Development
  • Meissner Robert
    Robert Meißner
    Managing Director
    Head of Marketing
  • Lentner Lukas
    Lukas Lentner
    Head of
    Software & IT
  • Paleani Christian
    Dr. Christian Paleani
    Head of
    Technology & Research